Film Review – Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops (2015)

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Title – Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops (2015)

Director – Rody Claude (Deadtime)

Cast – Adam T Perkins, Korum Ellis, Soa “The Hulk” Palelei, Kira Caine

Plot – When lab work goes wrong, a violent breed of zombie ninjas are unleashed in a research facility and it’s up to one time Black Ops operative Dillion (Perkins) to lead a group of survivors through the infested buildings.

 “I’m ready for any situation you can throw at me”

Review by Eddie on 14/10/2015

While its performance’s won’t be studied by aspiring actors and it’s unlikely to feature at next year’s Academy Awards, with a title like Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops these were never really goals for this low budget privately financed Australian effort and at the end of the day, Rody Claude’s film delivers on its title promise.

Showing aspiring filmmakers that all it takes is some determination and willingness to follow your dreams, Claude and his willing cast and crew have crafted a fun and in many ways original zombie tale that doesn’t rely on endless blood spraying zombie kills or one liners to get it through the hordes of undead and in reality Zombie Ninja’s doesn’t even really have zombies in it, a fact that ear marks it as something more original than many other recent undead movie entries.

The “zombies” here are more like red eyed one man armies, ninjas chopping and fly kicking their way through the unsuspecting contingent of human survivors and it’s here that Claude delivers the films best scenes.

The action that takes place through Zombie Ninjas; it must be said, this is an action film over a horror film so those wanting to get their scares on will be disappointed, is of the highest order and there’s a frenetic and energetic nature to what takes place when the hits start flying. With the zombie ninja warriors led by UFC fighter Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei. Claude and his stunt team really get things moving and it helps overcome the films less proficient elements.

The films script work and acting leaves much to be desired here and while films of this nature aren’t won or lost on this alone, delivery in Zombie Ninjas sometimes remains far too flat to engage and some of the performances here are barely above High School production level. It wouldn’t have taken much for a performer here to take hold of the situation and carry the team but not one of human team nails a home run.

Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops is a fun and in many ways original Australian production that’s worth tracking down. With the potential for this idea to grow into the future we can only hope that Claude and his team can match their skills behind camera with people’s skill in front of camera and then we’ll be treated to what could well be an Australian cult classic.

3 unfortunate office cleaners out of 5

To continue the Zombie Ninjas saga check out the comic web series here.

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Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops premieres on VOD services the world over tomorrow, Thursday October 15th

19 responses to “Film Review – Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops (2015)

      • Some of my favourite movies are Aussie. Some of the best horror and exploitation movies ever have come from down under. Plus you gave us Ben Mendelsohn and Animal Kingdom 🙂

      • I’m rewatching Slow West as we speak. Quite possibly my pick for best of the year so far. He plays a terrific villain here – as he does all the time. Him and Brendan Gleeson are my 2 favourite actors working today I think

      • You’ve got to check him out in a pre animal kingdom role in an Aus film called Idiot Box and a more recent Aus film called Beautiful Kate. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in Mississippi Grind just need it to get an Aus release.

        On a side note on a recent tript to New Zealand I got to visit the area where they shot Slow West, its a great spot! I also met a lady that got to meet Sir Michael Fassbender at the local bar! That would’ve been a cool moment.

      • Idiot Box has been on my list for a long time now. I’m taking part in a crime movie film challenge next month, so it’ll be the perfect time to watch it lol. I’ll check out Beautiful Kate as well if he’s in it.
        I’m dying to visit New Zealand. The scenery in Slow West is stunning. And yeah, having a beer with Fassbender would be great. He seems like the type who’d be great to hang out with. He’s another actor I rate highly. Shame is a masterpiece

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