Film Review – Spring (2014)

Spring 2014 - post

Title – Spring (2014)

Director – Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Resolution)

Cast – Lou Taylor Pucci, Nadia Hilker

Plot – Fleeing to Italy after his life takes yet another hit, Evan (Pucci) meets Louise (Hilker), a beautiful local who just may be the love of his life. Louise however hides a dark secret that could be too much for their budding relationship to endure.

“I gotta make sure that you’re the kind of crazy I can deal with”

Review by Eddie on 15/10/2015

It’s slowly paced and not by any means free of faults but Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s impressively shot, scored and written film that really is like nothing else you’ve seen before is one of the most memorable and likeable indie flicks of the year and a calling card for the filmmakers that will likely see them rise through the ranks of Hollywood and hopefully continue on with their promise that’s shown here.

Spring is one of those rare hybrids that work, a dramatic love story with horror elements that feels in control of its many genres. Benson and Moorhead have a clear affiliation with their material and they make it work. What starts out as one of those typical “finding yourself overseas” journeys becomes something else entirely, an effortlessly smart and stunningly captured trip to Italy that steadily becomes a touching musing on love and the power it holds for those that find it. Full credit to Benson and Moorhead for sticking to their guns here and while at times it seems highly possible that Spring will lose its way, the film constantly brings itself back and keeps delivering and led by two hugely talented young actors the film never once fails to engage.

Underrated and underused for many years now, Lou Taylor Pucci, the actor who stole the show in low key gems like the fantastic Chumscrubber and the witty Thumbsucker, forgoes support turns in films like The Evil Dead to deliver his most fully formed turn as lost twenty-something Evan who on his journey in Italy meets the beguiling Louise played by Nadia Hilker. Hilker is equal to Pucci’s turn here and between the two they create a spark and charm that most other similarly themed films can’t even hope for. Their relationship feels natural despite everything happening around them being anything but and even when the film shocks with its most confronting scenes these two actors make the tale work. There final scenes together in the film are a real highlight of the quiet emotion the film unearths.

Suspension of disbelief will have to be used when tackling Spring but if you allow this unique tale to wash over you it will get you under its spell and take you to places only truly well made films can do. If Benson and Moorhead can make a film of this quality without the budget usually afforded to such an event, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next, for as it stands; Spring is one of the years and even one of the decades strongest indie efforts.

4 odd coloured eyes out of 5

Spring 2014 - poster

11 responses to “Film Review – Spring (2014)

  1. Well, I had a completely different set of feelings for “Spring”. To me it was rather blatant mixture of horror and romance, with some good soundtrack and cheesy special effects. But it’s interesting to read so warming words about it nonetheless 🙂

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