5,000 Followers – Jordan & Eddie Say Thanks

Jordan and Eddie 2016

Jordan and Eddie – 3 years later

By Jordan and Eddie on 18/11/2016

This month, 3 and a half years since we first decided to share our passion for film with the world, we reached the milestone of 5,000 followers of our very humble, very independent little blog.

It’s been a consistently fun and eventful journey and we’ve enjoyed every minute of being a small little cog in the movie blogging universe.

Reaching the 5,000 followers milestone has prompted us to consider the most important part of the J and E landscape which is you the reader (and fellow cinephile), and we thank all those that have been a part of our readership since the beginning and those that have just recently decided to board our movie-loving bandwagon, and we take the time today to thank all of you for sticking by us whether you’ve agreed with our sentiments or not.

We look forward to sticking around for the years yet to come and hope you enjoy our few words found here below.

Happy reading and of course happy watching!

Thanks From Jordan


Before setting up this blog (a spare of the moment decision I let Eddie know of once it was already created – luckily we haven’t regretted the name yet), the two of us used to share our thoughts on recently seen films by way of excessively long text messages among a small group of friends dubbed the Movie Club.

Creating Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys) was a way for us to record our sometimes glowing, sometimes vitriolic ponderings to let each other know if a film was worth seeing or skipping, so to go from that to being able to have great fun attending advanced screenings, promoting independent and limited-release titles as well as festivals and programs, interviewing directors and producers and, most of all, discussing the wide world of cinema with like-minded bloggers and readers is really very special.

Far and away the most satisfying element of creating this site is hearing from, and occasionally collaborating with you, both those who are part of the blogging universe and those who simply support us by reading our reviews and articles. We have been spurred along by the familiar faces whose input and enthusiasm has been present from the start (our Blogroll has gone unchanged since its inception), and we’re always stoked to have new readers come aboard.

While I’ll never be quite as prolific as Eddie (he can write 10 articles in the time it takes me to pen one), I hope to be representing horror and Resident Evil aficionados for a while longer yet.

Thanks From Eddie


I’ve known Jordan since around the age of 6, an age in which we quickly became close buddies and despite the fact we’ve always lived quite the distance apart, we’ve always remained great mates and central to our friendship has always been our shared love of movies, amongst many other, yet somehow less important things.

Starting this blog was more of a thing for the both of us to compile our different, but no less passionate thoughts and opinions on all things movies and not in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought so many kind fellow film fans would’ve joined us on our cinematic pilgrimages.

The major reason that our blog remains so fun to maintain and manage is the fact we’ve met and heard from so many wonderful people through this site and there’s nothing better than hearing from you all on our take on movies whether they be big or small and for this I say thanks.

Reaching 5,000 followers is in comparison to a lot of things, a small milestone but its one both Jordan and I would’ve never have thought we’d achieve.

I remember distinctively over 3 years ago now being astonished we had 100 people following our Australian based blog and now I remain equally taken aback that we are over half way to 10,000.

So in saying that I’d like to sincerely say thanks to everyone that’s paid us a visit or two over the journey and I for one look forward to our movie future together.

From both of us, thanks to everyone for making Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys) such a fun place to hang out.


To get to know us that bit better (and view some truly terrible photos courtesy of Ed), here are some of our previous milestone articles:

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25 responses to “5,000 Followers – Jordan & Eddie Say Thanks

  1. cheers guys, and congrats! the milestone is well-deserved! i always appreciate the effort you put in to interacting with everyone who comments–a challenge i’m sure when you’re up to the amount of followers that you guys have! keep up the good work and thanks for all the good reviews and good vibes.

  2. Congrats guys on your milestone of followers. Keep up the good work (love reading your reviews). Hopefully one day I’ll get to that milestone on my blog.

  3. Cheers J & E! I love coming to your site knowing that you will always give an unbiased review of films. It is a pleasure to chat with fellow cinephiles who enjoy the medium as much as I do. Keep up the great work and I know you will achieve 5000 more followers in the future!

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