Film Review – The Accountant (2016)


Title – The Accountant (2016)

Director – Gavin O’Connor (Warrior)

Cast – Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jon Bernthal, J.K. Simmons, Jeffrey Tambor, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, John Lithgow

Plot – Autistic accounting genius Christian Wolff (Affleck) is not what he seems, as the internally troubled figures wizard gets caught up in a dangerous game of life and death that also includes potential love interest Dana Cummings (Kendrick), whose work on the books of company Living Robotics has uncovered a dark company secret.

“Sooner or later, different scares people”

Review by Eddie on 17/11/2016

The Accountant gives us an insight into what Jason Bourne would be like as a maths wizz sprinkled with autistic tendencies and more than a mild dosage of Asperger’s Syndrome, and while it’s by no means in the same league as Matt Damon’s blockbuster series (bar the most recent outing), Gavin O’Connor’s polished Ben Affleck vehicle is still a heck of a lot of fun.

Giving us the unique central figure of seemingly mild mannered autistic accountant Christian Wolff, who just so happens to be a one man army/criminal book cook, The Accountant mixes in a fairly forgettable narrative arc around much more interesting characters as Affleck’s Wolff gets caught up in some nasty business that also involves Anna Kendrick’s kindly fellow accountant Dana Cummings.

There are times when you won’t exactly know what on earth is happening or why it’s happening the way it is, but O’Conner (who is still yet to return to the heights of Warrior) along with his impressive support cast that includes Jon Bernthal, Jon Lithgow and J.K Simmons injects The Accountant with some fantastic (and slightly underused) action set pieces that will burst your ear drums and rattle the senses while the very figure of Wolff makes The Accountant stand out from the crowded marketplace of generic action figures.

All tapping fingers and swaying nervous energy, Affleck does a fine job of bringing Wolff to life and while the occurrences that transpire throughout the film aren’t exactly that inspiring, right down to a very predictable final twist, Wolff is always slightly unpredictable and keeps us on our toes while O’Connor takes some nice surprising choices, especially with the growing relationship between Wolff and Cummings that doesn’t pan out to the usual beats we’ve come to expect from these type of pictures.

A slick and often thrilling piece of filmmaking, The Accountant doesn’t set the world on fire by any stretch of the imagination, but thanks to O’Connor’s assured direction, Affleck’s committed turn and a central figure unlike we’ve seen before in such an event, this one man army movie with a difference and more maths than a Will Hunting dream, The Accountant is one of the year’s most enjoyable popcorn thrillers and hopefully the beginning of a new action franchise with a difference.

3 belts out of 5

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