Upcoming Horror Film – Ravenswood


By Jordan and Eddie on 17/02/2017

Showing once more that Australia is continuing to lead a strong and eventful charge in the world of low budget horror, upcoming local effort Ravenswood looks set to be an Aussie production well worth keeping an eye on.

Based in part around a horrifying true story, Ravenswood is due to be unleashed around the world in the coming months in various forms and for those looking to get their next dose of quality Australian-tinged horror, Ravenswood should be the film that you seek.

To find out more about the film, check out an extract from the film’s official media release below.

Aussie Indie ‘Ravenswood’ taking the US by Storm

From Ravenswood Films, Ignite Pictures and Becker Entertainment comes the new Aussie supernatural horror thriller, “Ravenswood”.

When 4 American tourists go on vacation to Sydney, Sofia (Madeline Marie Dona), Carl (Adam Horner), Belle (Isabel Dickson) and Michael (Shane Savage) decide go on a ghost tour of Ravenswood. An abandoned psychiatric hospital infamously known to be the most haunted place in Sydney.

What they don’t know, nor do the guys running the ghost tour, Zach (Jock Campbell) and Emma (Ashley Fitzgerald), is they have landed in the middle of a battle that has been fought over the past 60 years between The Doctor and a patient he murdered, Sara. Both their ghosts have roamed the hallways, the Doctor making sure Sara never escapes him.

Triggered by Sofia, who was once a psychiatric patient herself, and having shared similar experiences to Sara, both ghosts possess the hapless tourists, and their war leaves the mystical plane and become a real fight for death. For the ghost hunters and their new friends, all that matters is survival.


Ravenswood will be released through Uncork’d Enterntainment in the US and Ignite Pictures and Marquis Productions Internationally in March 2017. Ravenswood recently won the award for Best Horror Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

Executive Producer Adam Horner, who also played the role of Carl in the film, commented that “Ravenswood initially caught my eye because it is a movie that I knew would have a huge international audience and I knew it was a movie that Ignite could place very well. I have to give huge credit to director JD Cohen. This was an incredibly low budget Australian film and was a tough shoot, but we pulled it off, and I am excited for the world to see what we have created.”

Ravenswood had its World Premiere in Sydney on the 7th of January at the Hoyts in the Entertainment Quarter with further release dates around the world TBC.


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