Film Review – Weiner (2016)

Title – Weiner (2016)

Directors – Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg (feature debuts)

Cast – Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Sydney Leathers

Plot – A documentary focussed on disgraced US politician Anthony Weiner and his doomed comeback campaign to become the major of New York City in spite of his very public domestic misdemeanours.

 “It takes one to know one”

Review by Eddie on 16/06/2017

One of those cases where the cameras are there at the right place and at the right time, Weiner, a documentary that focuses its attention on disgraced US politician Anthony Weiner and his comeback to politics, that saw the talented yet flawed personality attempt to become Mayor of New York City only to have more dirt unleashed about his extra-curricular activities derail his goals yet again.

What was initially set to be an underdog tail of redemption and trial against adversity in an age where the modern media can make or break politicians like no other era before it, Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg’s film becomes a truly cringe-worthy and hard to watch experience that you just can’t help but be enthralled by as Weiner’s stoic determination and passion for his craft sets him on a path of self-destruction as the whole world watches on and judges.

You almost feel bad for being a part of this time in Weiner’s life and it’s hard to actually understand why Weiner would let the cameras continue to follow him on his quest for redemption as the increased scandal behind his love for sultry online communications dominates his every move but it’s what makes Weiner such a fascinating figure as his layered personality that quite clearly craves attention and the spotlight makes for fascinating examination.

Watching Weiner go toe to toe with general punters in the street or engage in verbal stoushes on the floor of parliament is exciting and mind blowing and the whole time as the man’s life is derailed time and time again you can’t help but wonder just what type of job the passionate fighter may’ve been able to do had he controlled his darker side and let the good win out and with the backing of his then wife Huma Abedin, it’s quite likely that Weiner could’ve been one of the worlds most respected members of congress, not the world’s most famous photo happy one.

Final say –

An insightful look into US politics, mayoral campaigns and the life and times of a complicated politician, Weiner is a must watch for any fan of American political life and those that love their documentaries gritty and on the fly. Weiner is edge of your seat viewing that is akin to being a part of a wild ride you want to hop off but can’t as the destination will have you glued to your seat.

4 bakery stoushes out of 5

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