Web-Series: The Witness Articles

By Eddie on 16/06/2017

Showcasing the increasingly media savvy and out of the box nature of modern day filmmaking, local Australian production company Rogue Ventures has been hard at work releasing their web-based horror series The Witness Articles.

Spanning 8 varied episodes being released throughout 2017, The Witness Articles should appeal to fans all over the world with its unique storytelling approach and high quality production design setting itself apart from the usual run of the mill web based series.

The Movie Guys are always delighted to share with our audiences Australian tinged productions and The Witness Articles looks set to be one of the years must see Australian made events, made all the easier to enjoy thanks to the fact you can view the anthology straight from the comfort of your own living room!

Happy reading and happy watching.

“Their stories deserved to be told”

THE WITNESS ARTICLES is an epic scale horror adventure anthology web series that chronicles the terrifying witness accounts of individuals who have experienced paranormal encounters and have lived to tell of it.

The series premiered with its first episode on April 28th 2017 and has currently just released its fourth, most ambitious episode on June 16th.

Primarily set within the scope of the 1970s, Episode 4 takes the series back to 1920s Egypt where a small excavation team in the Egyptian desert uncover an ominous artefact that inflicts sinister effects on their health and sanity.

Though the series spans across different continents and time periods it was filmed entirely within the Sydney area with local cast and crew on a self-funded micro budget. These episodes pushed the limits of what can be achieved within Sydney’s independent filmmaking community.

The Sydney based team behind THE WITNESS ARTICLES, Rogue Ventures, has been in development on the series since 2015 with a number of episodes co-produced by Lunacraft Productions.

Series creator and writer Erik Magnusson wanted to take horror back to its roots with practical special effects and character driven storytelling creating a haunting blend of Universal’s classic monster movies and shows like The Twilight Zone.

THE WITNESS ARTICLES was revealed earlier this year through a series of vlogs in which a journalism student named Owen Hayes investigates the disappearance of a missing girl from the 1990s and her involvement with a sinister cult and from there the series has begun its life as the online horror anthology series it is today.

To watch any of the released episodes see below –

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

2 responses to “Web-Series: The Witness Articles

  1. Very cool! A horror series with practical effects sounds right up my alley. Besides, I’ve enjoyed what little of Australia cinema I’ve seen. Time to binge watch this. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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