Opinion Piece – Boss Baby: The Academy Award Nominee

An opinion piece in appreciation of the Academy Awards

By Jordan

After the announcement of the nominations for the 90th Annual Academy Awards, I received the below message from Eddie:

There wasn’t really much I felt missed out. I am a little bemused though that Three Billboards gets 7 nominations including most major categories , but then its director doesn’t get a nomination ha, how does that work? I mean, it’s because of him the performances were so on point etc.

Of course, what Eddie failed to realise, is that Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is no Boss Baby.

How could Martin McDonagh be nominated for directing a film that isn’t Boss Baby? Sure, there are others nominated in the Best Director category, but we all know that the only reason this award has been kept in the schedule is to build suspense while we await Boss Baby’s emphatic win.

Mary and the Witch's Flower

Mary and the Witches Flower. No Boss Baby

There are some who have suggested foreign animations such as WW2 drama In This Corner of the World and Studio Ponoc’s debut Mary and the Witch’s Flower should’ve been nominated for Best Animated Film, but clearly these don’t feature talking babies wearing suits. A vast, clearly delusional minority of others have suggested that Boss Baby shouldn’t of been nominated at all, but I think that you’ll find that a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 52% rotten speaks for itself. That’s more than half of the registered critics thinking that the film was OK at least; a glowing endorsement if ever I’ve seen one.

Blade Runner: 2049, The Disaster Artist, Get Out: all good, but no Boss Baby.

In fact, while I’m on the subject I do think it’s sensible that the Academy didn’t get carried away and reward Get Out with any nominations outside of Best Original Screenplay for Jordan Peele, understanding that it’s an entertaining, socially aware genre film that would seem a little out of place alongside Dunkirk in the competition for the top honour.

The Academy always think for themselves, and are never influenced by social movements, which is what I really respect about this awards ceremony. Further to this, I’m constantly in awe of the member’s commitment to watching each of the films submitted for consideration, even those inept enough to have subtitles and no talking animals or babies, after all, how else could they appreciate just how truly special Boss Baby is?

In This Corner of the World. Clearly not Oscar worthy

Suicide Squad, Transformers, Norbit… all terrific examples of engaging, high-quality cinema that Boss Baby has now joined the ranks of with this prestigious nomination. What a shame that a DC title such as Wonder Woman, or the equally empowering Justice League couldn’t feature alongside it.

The American film industry is truly in a good place indeed, and all is right with the cinematic world.

How do you feel about this year’s Oscar nominations? Any snubs or surprises? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

18 responses to “Opinion Piece – Boss Baby: The Academy Award Nominee

  1. I’m really disappointed with both Bladerunner 2049 and Wind River not getting nominated for best picture. I kind of expected it, but at the same time I also hoped I would be wrong 😢😢

    • I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, or that it’s a mediocre film, but I can’t fathom how Get Out got a nomination for Best Picture over Blade Runner 2049. Blade Runner is an entrancing study on artificial ambitions and taking hold of life, Get Out is a socially aware, fun horror/comedy that devolves into a final act bloodbath.
      My hope is that this might actually add to Blade Runners notoriety.

  2. What a great post. You made me think. Wind River is my top movie of 2017. It’s brilliant and different. And Get Out should have won a lot of awards but it seems to have been overlooked. Boss Baby was entertaining. How Three Billboards gets so much love is beyond me. Great first hour, then it disintegrates into a bunch of weird turnings and twists. I don’t get why Dunkirk gets so much love. It’s loud and brash but twists history. I guess Oscar loves what it wants to think of as art. And maybe it doesn’t understand art quite as well as it understands commercial success? Although Paddington 2 is ignored and that movie actually made me cry. I could cope with Hugh Grant being nominated as he puts in the performance of a lifetime. I guess Oscar has no time for a little bear who is a refugee and clearly brown. I will go to anything Jordan Peele makes, in future, as he understands race and class. And Lil Rey SO deserves a nomination for his superb performance in Get Out. But what do I know? I just see a lot of movies and want to see the good in everything. Oscar may still have some distance to go on handling women and race.

    • You raise some good points there! Paddington 2 is after all (technically) the best reviewed film of all time.
      Lil Rey is the next De Niro.
      I’m just a little sad about Blade Runner 2049 and In This Corner of the World.

      • For me, the problem with Blade Runner 2049 is the stereotypical women. It’s a beautiful film and I love Villeneuve’s vision, but those women belong in a 1950s ad for cars. I haven’t seen In This Corner Of The World but will look out for it.

  3. In defense of The Boss Baby I feel most of it’s bad wrap comes from people considering how moronic it’s premise is. Sure, it’s a dumb movie about a business baby, but I mean DreamWorks is built on a green monster with a Scottish accent comparing himself to onions. That’s really dumb. The Boss Baby was also well received by the Annie Awards which is dedicated to animation also nominating it for Best Animated feature, as well as achievements for: Character Design (Joe Moshier), Character Animation (Bryce McGovern), Directing (Tom McGrath), and storyboarding (Glenn Harmon). So, kudos to the animators behind the scenes. Honestly after watching this it’s a weird concoction of low brown humor and business jargon, it has some fun moments juxtaposing the maturity of the kid and the Boss Baby, some interesting designs for imagination scenes but overall, it’s kind of just bland and forgettable. I agree that it’s a far cry from an Oscar movie, and there’s others that are probably better but to me it’s more bland than bad.

    • Very well stated, thanks for your input!
      I can, and do certainly enjoy films such as this, but I worry that the member’s don’t give enough consideration to films from abroad or animations targeted to a demographic other than younger kids.
      It seems like this category is the one so constantly frustrating it neglecting some truly wonderful films in favour of Dreamworks/Disney local releases.
      Your Name being submitted for consideration last year and not even getting nominated killed me inside a little.
      Cheers! Jordan.

  4. Oscars only matter because we think they do. Stop giving them unwarranted attention, and they’ll cease to be.

      • I think Oscars matter to those who make Oscar bait. A Martin Scorcese, for instance, makes film for the sheer passion of the craft. And so do many others.
        And then of course you have those who worship at the shrine of the Academy. Sometimes they even end up making really, really good movies! But its gold first, art second.
        I don’t like the Oscars, nor any award show for that matter.

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