Film Review – Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Title – Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Directors – Anthony and Joe Russo (Avengers: Infinity War)

Cast – Robert Downy Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Brolin, Brie Larson, Jeremy Renner

Plot – The end of an era as the remaining Avengers must work together to try and bring an end to Thanos’s (Brolin) reign of terror and find a way to save their friends from the events of Infinity War.

“We lost. All of us. We lost friends. We lost family. We lost a part of ourselves. This is the fight of our lives”

Review by Eddie on 24/04/2019

DISCLAIMER- This is a spoiler FREE review

Well, here we are.

After 11 year’s of top quality entertainment and planning that started all the way back with 2008’s surprise smash hit Iron Man (do you feel old yet? I sure do), this part of Marvel’s world domination comes to an end with what’s likely to be one of, if not the biggest film’s of all time, Avengers: Endgame.

It’s a somewhat odd, occasionally emotional and fitting experience sitting back and concluding this part of the Marvel universe and while we know there’s countless more Marvel film’s coming our way, Endgame really does feel like the culmination of year’s of hard work and adventures, that while not perfect, feels like a fitting tribute to what’s come before and what still lays ahead.

It’s incredibly hard to talk about Endgame in depth without ruining the narrative the Russo brother’s and their team have created but suffice to say the creative minds behind the scenes have given us another top quality piece of blockbuster filmmaking, that’s likely to please diehard fans and more casual cinema-goers alike, the only problem is, when compared to it’s genuinely surprising and perfectly paced predecessor, Endgame does feel slightly more formulaic and long in the tooth.

It’s picky for sure, but Infinity War gave us a Marvel experience that was unexpected, hilarious, emotional and epic and while Endgame has this in parts, it’s not as all encompassing as last year’s experience, even if by the rulebook, this was never going to be the case when tying up so many loose ends and finalising so much of what has come before it over the year’s.

A lot of these endings and plot tie ups will please those that have invested so much into a series that has been operating on an extremely high level for a number of year’s, it’s just that Marvel almost outdid themselves in Infinity War, making the more by the numbers plot threads and leaps of logic found in Endgame more highlighted than usual.

The other minor nitpick with the film is Endgame’s much talked about epic 3 hour runtime and while the film starts with some unexpected and emotionally charged instances, there’s a clear late beginning and middle section of the film that at times drags and cover’s similar ground one too many times, even if by relative terms, the runtime in the Russo’s film never is too detrimental to the fun to be had.

This fun comes in many forms, with particular highlights being Thor’s new found lifestyle, the Hulk’s more prominent role and Captain Marvel’s addition to the Avengers family, while the films big action scenes (that must be said aren’t that abundant) are a sight to behold, with Marvel once more showing off their ability to handle spectacles as good as, if not better than, everyone else.

At the end of the day, it’s been an incredible period for Marvel, with arguably no outright failures and an abundance of big winners, we’ve been spoilt for 11 straight year’s and while Endgame may not be the best of the best, it’s still a mighty fine and emotionally charged finale that does the beloved cinematic universe proud.

Final Say –

While not as surprising or even as Infinity War, Endgame is still a top quality and fitting end to so much good work that’s come before it and while it’s sad to say goodbye to this particular era, it’s exciting to see what lays in store for Marvel moving ahead.

4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out of 5

35 responses to “Film Review – Avengers: Endgame (2019)

  1. so much to say and discuss, and a few nitpicks, but in favour of keeping things mum, I’m not even doing a full review yet. Still entertaining tho, if a little draining.

  2. I watched the movie yesterday, and unlike you, I didn’t realize the issues until after a day.

    But regardless, the issues don’t outweigh or took any joy away for me. I enjoyed it completely.

    And surprisingly, this movie had so many characters and such a big story that it is surprise none of it was leaked before the release/told by the trailer.

    • It’s a very fine blockbuster mate and a fitting swansong for an era but yeh I do think it has a few down components that many haven’t seemed to have really taken issue with.

      In regards to secrecy they really did an amazing job here to keep things mainly kept under wraps.

    • What did you think of Infinity War mate?

      It’s pretty amazing just how much people are loving this film, everyone I have been speaking to about it is just adoring it!

      • was pretty indifferent about IW, just like I’ve been with the vast majority of Marvel movies. really, the only ones I think are better than average are thor ragnarok and black panther. but even those have various problems.
        endgame is the best marvel movie ive seen. it’s still silly, and the final battle scene is just cgi mayhem, but the preceding two and a half hours are really, really engaging.

      • I would say for me its not in the top 5 Marvel films but it had some fantastic moments and as pure fanservice – it was about as good as it gets!

    • You’re not alone in that thinking mate. For me I found Infinity War much more surprising and out of the ordinary but both films are very well done!

  3. Infinity War shook me to my core and made the whole theater fall silent the first time I saw it. I think Endgame was a fantastic follow up to it and concluding many character arcs in surprising and heart wrenching ways. I will say that I yelled out of happiness and joy much more in Endgame than Infinity War but damn if it didn’t make me sob my eyes out more than Infinity War. The three hours honestly only felt like an hour.

    • That was my experience with Infinity War also, it was such a genuinely surprising blockbuster experience.

      I think Endgame for me is great as a fan service to so much that has come before it and an above-average blockbuster in its own right but I am not overly sure its “as” amazing as many have labelled it to be as a film in its own right, even if it does a great job of tying up everything that has come before it.

    • You’re right mate! As a blockbuster and comic book film it was far above average. Kudos to Marvel for doing such a great job with their property.

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  5. The writing for Thor’s character was a really highlight. Overall, the nature of the how the story revisited itself felt metafictive, and I loved it for that, but it did it a far different feel than Infinity War.

    • It was quite interesting how they dealt with Thor. I know there’s been some conversation about how it was to comic but I appreciated how they showed him in a completely different light dealing with past traumas.

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  7. I felt it was a flawed film, too; the fact it’s an ending is what makes the weaknesses not linger on the mind for too long. I wonder whether I might be bored on a rewatch, though, as I saw it at a midnight screening where the atmosphere was, as you might imagine or have experienced, incredible, and it certainly elevafed the experience to some degree

    • Yep this is one of those films that was just a lot of fun being caught up in at the moment and a nice tie-off for a lot of great groundwork but I do think some of the extremely high praise is a little much and to me, Infinity War was the best of the Avenger outings.

      • I find the Avengers movies inconsistently entertaining and treading water with AoU and even Infinity War, perhaps because the whole series is in service of so many franchises. I like the first and last because they’re more celebrations of the MCU than anything

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