Short Film Review – Stationary (2019)

Title – Stationary (2019)

Director – Louis Chan

Cast – Aaron Thomas Ward, Rebekah Murrell, Xavien Russell

Plot – Childhood friends Jimmy (Ward) and Che (Murrell) discuss their traumatic pasts and their unknown futures while Che’s younger brother Gino (Russell) plays a dangerous game with his life decisions.

“You see me living on my knees?”

Review by Eddie on 29/07/2020

A small film, in both length and scope, with most of Louis Chan’s drama taking place in the confines of a car, Stationary is also a powerful short story that showcases a strong behind the scenes group of filmmakers as well as three young British performers that are all likely to be seen frequently in the years to come.

Centered around childhood friends Jimmy and Che, played by Aaron Thomas Ward and Rebekah Murrell, who are reminiscing about their past lives that saw Jimmy serve a stint in jail, while discussing the future of Che’s younger brother Gino (played by Top Boy’s Xavien Russell) who Che is using to help peddle drugs around her neighborhood, Stationary walks a familiar UK crime drama pathway but does so in a fresh and raw manner that gives it a lived in almost doco-like feel.

All three performers are great in the film, with Ward and Murrell perfect sparing partners as they both seem destined to walk down separate life roads, with Jimmy hoping that Gino is destined to greater education and a life away from the harsh street life his experienced while Che seems more set on a life of rebellion to what she sees as a waste of time in regards to education and working a daily grind.

Without getting the time to invest in huge backstories or motivations, Stationary quickly establishes its characters as lived in true to life humans, bought to life by Chan and his team (many of whom have been a part of various BFI initiatives) who add a Hollywood like sheen to their short film, a component not often found in the medium that often feels rather haphazard and lackluster when it comes to its longer in length compatriots.

Final Say – 

With its heart in the right place and a collection of rounded and noteworthy performances, Stationary is a powerful short film that packs a punch emotionally.

4 fidget spinners out of 5 

You can watch Stationary for free on Youtube now –

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