Short Film Review – Candice (2017)

Title – Candice (2017)

Director – George Watson

Cast – Nicholas Pinnock, Olivia Poulet

Plot – On a walk back home through East London in the midst of a relationship breakdown, Candice (Poulet) runs into fellow apartment tenet Greg (Pinnock) who may offer her a chance of a fresh start.

“You had a bad day?”

Review by Eddie on 21/12/2020

Released through British based Million Youth Media, Candice is another short film production from the content creators that follows on the likes of Stationary to deliver a solid offering that fans of U.K content should certainly check out.

Directed by George Watson, a short film specialist, this London shot tale follows Olivia Poulet’s titular Candice and Nicholas Pinnock’s Greg, who run into each other one fateful night in the life of Candice who is dealing with a long term relationship breakdown and a questioning of her friendship circle in the aftermath of her potential life altering situation.

Proving that first impressions aren’t always correct for both our characters and viewers, early on you’re concerned something sinister is soon to befall Candice as she wonders back to her apartment complex, Watson’s tale that is based around Alexei Slater’s screenplay is a nice detour from our daily lives as we are warmed by the potential relationship that could blossom between our two main protagonists who both seem destined by fate to be together.

Well played by Poulet who is a recognizable face thanks to her performances in the likes of In the Loop, Doc Martin and The Thick of It and Pinnock who is a legitimate rising star after recent turns in Top Boy and the 50 Cent backed TV show For Life, Candice is proficiently performed and produced (special shout out to the night time cinematography from D.O.P Ben Westaway) and another solid addition to the MYM catalogue.

It’s not trying to do anything particularly new or not trying to deliver anything in a way in which we aren’t accustomed to, but there’s an honest nature about Watson’s film and one that feels empathetic and in tune with human feelings and instinct, allowing us all to relate to it in some way, shape or form.

Final Say – 

Not filled with any grand revelations or moviemaking components, Candice is still a solid dramatic short film that acts as a fine addition to the careers of its two lead performers.

3 1/2 late night kebabs out of 5 

To check Candice out for free CLICK HERE

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