Film Review – Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)


Title – Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Director – Adam Wingard (You’re Next)

Cast – Rebecca Hall, Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Brian Tyree Henry, Kyle Chandler

Plot – The last remaining titans, Godzilla and Kong battle for supremacy as one will be crowned king of the world.

“The myths are real. There was a war. And they’re the last ones standing.”

Review by Eddie on 29/03/2021

Disclaimer – This review is for the IMAX 3D version of the film.

Whether or not its based purely around the fact we as moviegoers have been through the greatest dry spell of our lives when it comes to fresh blockbuster entertainment frequenting our cinema screens or the fact that this loud, dumb and seriously entertaining event is just the type of film it needed to be, Godzilla vs. Kong is the perfect popcorn event for our times and a film that manages to wash away the memory of three previous entries into this “monsterverse” that failed too make their mark.

Following on in the giant footsteps of the OK Godzilla, the mediocre if tolerable Kong: Skull Island and the borefest that was Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Adam Wingard’s battle of the titans is one of the fastest moving blockbusters I can recall seeing, that sets out from the first moments until the last to give its audience what they came to see, with a nonsensical plot that isn’t worth examining for more than a few seconds allowing for some fantastic and often thrilling big screen spectacle to take place before our wide eyes.

Suffering whenever the humans take centre-stage, even if the loaded cast that includes Millie Bobby Brown, Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall and Kyle Chandler all seem to be having a good time amongst their more appealing CGI co-stars, Godzilla vs. Kong finally nails what these films should’ve been doing from the start with a sense of playfulness and fun hearkening back to the golden-age of such adventure/fantasy films where common sense was thrown out the window but one where audiences were allowed to be taken away to a time and a place for a few hours where no agendas or unnecessary subplots existed and the eye candy came thick and fast, providing constant thrills and spills that only cinema at its most popcorn munching can provide.

The spectacle found within Wingard’s bombastic escapade is some of the best of its kind in recent memory with both Kong and Godzilla given ample time to shine in the film and some of the computer wizardry and design located within Godzilla vs. Kong  easily becoming some of the best of its kind and whether its Kong found on a rain covered shipping vessel or enthusiastically exploring a whole new world found within the earth’s inner surface, as a big screen canvas of goodness, this monster mash comes out as king amongst its peers.

It all makes for a film that is better off enjoyed rather than explored, you’d do well ensuring that you switch your brain off well before the opening credits begin and the various character decisions and plot developments wouldn’t hold up to even the most minuscule of scrutiny but if anyone is doing such things with a film cut from this cloth, they have it all wrong; go with the film and let your imagination run wild and its guaranteed the child in all of us can find something to enjoy in this fun, fast and fantastical ride.

Final Say –

By no means a classic but unquestionably one of the most joyful and thrilling monster-filled rides of recent memories, Godzilla vs. Kong lands in our world at the perfect time in cinema history to remind us all of the joys of such films that allow us to take a time out from the real world to be transported to a whole new one, one that will thrill and entertain all who are willing.

3 1/2 bottles of bleach out of 5 

16 responses to “Film Review – Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

  1. Really can’t wait to see this one, might even go to the cinema for this. Since this whole Corona thing started I haven’t been inside of any cinema. Time to change that, must be amazing on the big screen.

  2. After watching it at home I almost wish I had seen it in theaters. It really was amazing visually. It’s a little sad that the series may be over now just when they finally got it right.

  3. Good review. I thought that the movie was good. A bit silly at times, but i kind of figured that. I still like Godzilla: King of the Monsters better than this one.

    • Totally silly mate. I really didn’t enjoy the pacing and seriousness of the last Godzilla film, also in my mind had far too much human screen time which like in this film wasn’t really what we want ha.
      I also really appreciated the over the top but fun fast paced approach. Great to see a blockbuster under 2 hours.

    • Hope it can happen soon enough mate. We’ve got pretty lucky here in Aus. Cinemas have been pretty much back to normal since Xmas. Just waiting on more frequent content.

      • Gee mate, no good! I’m sure Aus has more lockdowns ahead as we are quick to batten down the hatches but will enjoy a little bit of freedom while we can!

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