Film Review – Baby Done (2020)

Title – Baby Done (2020)

Director – Curtis Vowell (Fantail)

Cast – Rose Matafeo, Matthew Lewis, Emily Barclay, Rachel House

Plot – Young New Zealand based couple Zoe (Matafeo) and Tim (Lewis) find themselves unexpectedly expecting and the two find themselves at odds with how their lives will now be lived with Zoe keen to push forward with her life long goals and Tim more content to settle down once and for all.

“Married. House. Baby. Done.”

Review by Eddie on 11/05/2021

A pleasant if unremarkable New Zealand comedy, Baby Done never tries to mess with the well-worn baby/new parents sub-genre of comedy features but it would be hard to walk away from this gentle and simply effective tale without a smile on your face.

Starring New Zealand comedy star Rose Matafeo (in a role that is likely to gain her significant attention globally) and Neville Longbottom himself Matthew Lewis in one of his best roles yet outside of the Harry Potter franchise he made his name in, Curtis Vowell’s quickfire comedic outing wins instant points with its likeable leads taking centre stage as young couple Zoe and Tim whose lives take a 180 degree turn when they find out they’re having a baby.

What follows on from this news is fairly stereotypical of such comedies, pregnancy classes, bucket list ideas and stressing out about what life may now look like with a new addition in tow but in a neat twist on the usual this time around Zoe is the one who is more reluctant to accept the new life she is about to enter into while the considered and softly spoken Tim is the one “nesting” at home and willing to embrace what lays ahead of him with parenthood.

This fresh spin on the usual man-child shtick that litters most of these modern parenthood comedies is another win for the film and while you’re never really in any doubt about how things will pan out in this tale, witnessing Zoe struggle to give up her dreams and career easily provides amusing life antidotes and funny moments that makes Vowell’s film constantly engaging without ever threatening to be an absolute gem.

With so many highly regarded films being born in New Zealand over the last decade (think What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople etc.), Baby Done never feels as instantly quality as some of its beloved counterparts but its universal themes, flawed but enjoyable characters and sense of heart make it another solid addition to the countries growing list of winning products.

Final Say – 

Some great chemistry between its two leads and an easy to digest story ensure Baby Done is another fine New Zealand offering and while it may not provide any huge (baby) belly laughs or provide anything new to its familiar plot-line, this is a comedic effort that is sure to please audiences from around the world.

3 parent teacher interviews out of 5 

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