Short Film Review – Untitled Earth Sim 64 (2021)

UES64 - High-Res Still 1 X

Title – Untitled Earth Sim 64 (2021) 

Director – Jonathan Wilhelmsson (Waltzing Tilda) 

Cast – Karen Olrich-White, Alexandra Frick, (voice of) James Fraser

Plot – Marie (Olrich-White) discovers that life is nothing but a realistic simulation, throwing her into an existential crisis that will change her way of life forever. 

“We are aware of the technical difficulties you’ve been experiencing” 

Review by Eddie on 13/05/2021

Swedish director Jonathan Wilhelmsson (who spent significant time here in Australia studying at the Sydney Film School) proves that his great 2017 short film Waltzing Tilda was no fluke with another sold small-scale offering that continues to suggest Wilhelmsson’s potential move in the future to feature length films will be a debut worth getting excited about. 

Impressively combining what would be considered Hollywood level of special effects work into a small-scale production that saw its filmmaker spend many a late night hold up with his trusty laptop and tools available to filmmakers from across the globe, Untitled Earth Sim 64 may not get a lot of time to spread its narrative wings out across a brisk six minute and 38 second running time (including credits) but its a highly enjoyable little romp and a great example of D.I.Y movie making that is a joy to behold. 

Following Karen Olrich-White’s ice-cream eating Marie, a twenty-something that finds her outlook on life turned upside down when she discovers the universe we live in is nothing more than one big epic simulation, 64 could easily be expanded into a much more deeper look at life and ones journey through it but as it stands its a light, breezy and colourful slice of life tale that should be sought out by film students and wannabe directors of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. 

Working as a great example of what can be achieved with vision, drive and determination to utilize readily available tools that now exist in the industry, 64 is a great way to spend less than 10 minutes of your life enjoying creativity and imagination that exists in many varied forms in the movie world.

Final Say – 

Another great little addition to the growing catalogue of Jonathan Wilhelmsson’s impressively growing C.V, Untitled Earth Sim 64 is a top notch short film worthy of your attention. 

3 1/2 colourful canines out of 5

To watch the film for free CLICK HERE

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