Retrogression Film Crib – Live Now!

News story by Eddie on 25/03/2022

In an exciting development for local and international filmmakers, Australian actor/director Anthony Hayes has launched his short film platform the Retrogression Film Crib. 

Providing a fantastic opportunity for film lovers to share their passion and for budding directors and creatives to get their products noticed on a global and easily accessible scale, Film Crib is an innovative and forward thinking product that should provide much needed support to films of all shapes and sizes. 

To read more about this newly launched initiative read the official media release below.  


Writer, Director, Actor and Producer, Anthony Hayes, has launched an innovative new streaming platform exclusively for short films entitled the Retrogression Film Crib.

Riding on the back of the global success of helming the Zac Efron vehicle “GOLD”, Hayes says he wants to encourage younger filmmakers. “There’s not a lot of avenues for short films, or first time filmmakers to have their work seen, other than film festivals. The Retrogression Film Crib plugs that gap, and gives filmmakers a passive revenue at the same time,” Hayes said.

The streaming platform is free for the viewer with revenue being paid to the filmmakers on a per-view basis, in the form of the revolutionary new Cryptocurrency the RTGN Token. Unlike other streaming platforms, the Retrogression Film Crib doesn’t require exclusivity and is already playing host to a number of impressive short films including some past Oscar Nominees and Palm d’or Winners.

As part of the greater Retrogression Film/Crypto ecosystem, the Film Crib will also host the first short films of established filmmakers and hold exclusive Q&A’s with those filmmakers, giving advice to those still cutting their teeth. “It’s up to those of us who are experiencing success to pay it forward in whatever way we can”, said Hayes.

Filmmakers who want to submit their short films can go to




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