Film Review – Me Time (2022)

Title – Me Time (2022) 

Director – John Hamburg (Along Came Polly) 

Cast – Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall 

Plot – Middle aged family man and stay at home dad Sonny (Hart) gets a week of “me time” when his wife and children go on holidays. Sonny’s quiet time gets turned into something much more than he bargained for when he re-teams with his long-term best friend Huck (Wahlberg) for Huck’s wild birthday celebrations.  

“This is not what he had in mind” 

Review by Eddie on 02/09/2022

If you’ve ever wanted to see Mark Wahlberg’s pale white buns, Kevin Hart unleash his inner Amber Heard or see a turtle receive mouth to mouth, then thank your lucky stars as Netflix has you covered with its latest all-star “comedy” Me Time! 

Finding itself atop of the streaming services Top 10 most watched list over the last week or so since its initial release, Along Came Polly and I Love You Man director John Hamburg’s newest outing, that see’s Wahlberg and Hart’s long term best buds Huck and Sonny go wild celebrating Huck’s 44th birthday during Sonny’s week away from his family, is the type of film only Netflix would spend hard earned money on as Wahlberg proves once and for all that he no longer cares and Hart does his best to prove that he is indeed one of the least funny comedian’s operating today. 

A film that is all types of bad but bad in ways that should make you want to track it down for a viewing ASAP, Hamburg’s film might not exactly be on the same level as all-time classic stinkers such as The Room or Mortdecai but it’s not far off and when you consider that Hamburg has actually made some decently amusing features in the past and that his two leading men are smart enough to know better, watching a train wreck like Me Time transpire is a whole different type of entertainment in itself. 

To be fair, there are some early moments in Netflix’s film that against all the odds suggest a dumb Hollywood comedy with some cheap laughs and situations but after offering the illusion of a silly but fun experience, Me Time quickly and assuredly hurtles towards catastrophe as the laughs dry up to nothing and the irksome and sappy life lessons start to come at us, making Me Time the worst type of low-common denominator film that thinks it has a place trying to preach to its audience who just moments before witnessed Hart stab a mountain lion with an Epipen. 

Once the true horrors of Me Time have become apparent and the charisma free chemistry between Wahlberg and Hart has had time to stink up the screen for a solid 60 plus minutes you begin to realise that Me Time is the exact type of Hollywood film that threatens the industry, as surely audiences that aren’t watching this film purely for the sadistic value of cinematic crime witnessing can’t be happy with the sight of pasty cheeks, defecating comedians and turtle life saving? 

Final Say – 

The type of lazy and careless Netflix film that has become far too prominent in their original offerings, Me Time see’s two of the laziest actors working in Hollywood delivering the exact type of pointless experience you would expect with the so-bad its good factor the only thing saving this supposed comedy from the fiery pits of terrible movie hell. 

1 Lego Death Star out of 5  

5 responses to “Film Review – Me Time (2022)

    • I honestly feel like people get the money off Netflix then fail to care even one little bit if their film is any good ha. Terrible quality control. I mean this was always going to be just a mindless comedy but it just forgot to actually be funny.

  1. Excellent review and I couldn’t agree more. It came out of the starting gate with some laughs and I could relate to Kevin Hart because I do almost everything for the kids and my wife takes care of the yard and such. But then the bodily function jokes started and while one is funny, by the hundredth one I was about to gag. By the end the movie in general was making me gag.

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